Introduction to Visual Studio

Visual Studio Debugger includes features targeting easier debugging of multi-threaded applications. In debugging mode, in the Threads window, which lists all the threads, hovering over a thread displays the stack trace of that thread in tooltips. The threads can directly be named and flagged for easier identification from that window itself. In addition, in the code window, along with indicating the location of the currently executing instruction in the current thread, the currently executing instructions in other threads are also pointed out. As of 2010 a limited subset of the BCL source is available, with more library support planned for later. Visual Studio includes a debugger that works both as a source-level debugger and as a machine-level debugger.

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The Call Hierarchy feature allows the developer to see all the methods that are called from a current method as well as the methods that call the current one. IntelliSense in Visual Studio supports a consume-first mode which developers can opt into. In this mode, IntelliSense does not auto-complete identifiers; this allows the developer to use undefined identifiers and define those later.

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In the list, select the file you want to view and then choose Activate. In the upper right corner of the editor, choose the Active Files button, and then select a file from the list to switch to. The IDE Navigator works much like the Windows application switcher. It is not available from menus and can be accessed only using shortcut keys. You can use either of two commands to access the IDE Navigator to cycle through files, depending on the order in which you want to cycle through.

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Visual Studio is an integrated development environment from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs including websites, web apps, web services and mobile apps. Visual Studio uses Microsoft software development platforms such as Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store and Microsoft Silverlight.

On February 13, 2019, Visual Studio 2019 Preview 3 was released. On March 14, 2017, first fix was released for Visual Studio 2017 due to failures during installation or opening solutions in the first release. Initially referred to as Visual Studio “15”, it was released on March 7, 2017. The source code of Visual Studio 2012 consists of approximately 50 million lines of code. The internal version number of Visual Studio .NET 2002 is version 7.0.

What is Visual Studio Code?

An updated XML Schema designer was released separately some time after the release of Visual Studio 2008. As of Visual Studio 2010, the Professional edition is the entry level commercial edition of Visual Studio. (Previously, a more feature restricted Standard edition was available.) It provides an IDE for all supported development languages.

MSDN support is available as MSDN Essentials or the full MSDN library depending on licensing. It supports XML and XSLT editing, and can create deployment packages that only use ClickOnce and MSI. It includes tools like Server Explorer and integration with Microsoft SQL Server also. Windows Mobile development support was included in Visual Studio 2005 Standard, however, with Visual Studio 2008, it is only available in Professional and higher editions. Windows Phone 7 development support was added to all editions in Visual Studio 2010. Development for Windows Mobile is no longer supported in Visual Studio 2010.

  • I don’t know why Microsoft decided to confuse everyone with the names of those two development tools.
  • VSTA consists of a customized IDE, based on the Visual Studio 2005 IDE, and a runtime that can be embedded in applications to expose its features via the .NET object model.
  • To fix it you need to reinitialize project using pio project init .
  • Packages are created using the Visual Studio SDK and provide the highest level of extensibility.

Add-Ins provide access to the Visual Studio object model and can interact with the IDE tools. Add-Ins can be used to implement new functionality and can add new tool windows. Add-Ins are plugged into the IDE via COM and can be created in any COM-compliant languages. Packages are created using the Visual Studio SDK and provide the highest level of extensibility. They can create designers and other tools, as well as integrate other programming languages.

On April 12, 2010, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2010, codenamed Dev10, and .NET Framework 4. It is the last version to support Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows Vista SP1, Attention Required! Cloudflare Windows Server 2008 below SP2, Windows 7 before SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 before SP1. Visual Studio 97 was an attempt at using the same development environment for multiple languages.

ASP.NET Core Dev Team Launches ‘Blazor United’ Push for .NET 8

PlatformIO is a professional collaborative platform for embedded development. Go beyond syntax highlighting and autocomplete with IntelliSense, which provides smart completions based on variable types, function definitions, and imported modules. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings.

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The instances use different registry hives (see MSDN’s definition of the term “registry hive” in the sense used here) to store their configuration state and are differentiated by their AppId . The instances are launched by an AppId-specific .exe that selects the AppId, sets the root hive, and launches the IDE. VSPackages registered for one AppId are integrated with other VSPackages for that AppId.

If Visual Studio 2010 Professional or higher was already installed on the machine, LightSwitch would integrate into that. The second major difference was the middle tier was built and exposed using WCF RIA Services. Visual Studio 2010 no longer supports development for Windows Mobile prior to Windows Phone 7.

Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview requires Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, or later operating systems. “Visual Studio 2012 Update 1” (Visual Studio 2012.1) was released in November 2012. This update added support for Windows XP targets and also added other new tools and features (e.g. improved diagnostics and testing support for Windows Store apps). Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 also includes a historical debugger for managed code called IntelliTrace.

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You can choose to cycle through open files in the editor, or cycle through all active tool windows in the IDE. You also can switch directly to any file open in the editor, regardless of the order in which it was last accessed. These features can help increase your productivity when working in the IDE. On September 16, 2011, a complete ‘Developer Preview’ of Visual Studio 11 was published on Microsoft’s website.


Donations to freeCodeCamp go toward our education initiatives, and help pay for servers, services, and staff. But even if you’re developing in those languages but you require a React, Vue, or Angular frontend, VS code might be the best option for you. If you’re developing exclusively with a language supported by Visual Studio such as C#, C, C++, Python, and others, Visual Studio or other relevant IDEs are likely the best option for you. But the difference between the tools is more than just IDE and text editor. This behavior is by design in MFC and CRT for Visual Studio vNext. The minimum supported operating systems are Windows Server 2008 SP2 and Windows Vista.

The libraries which are added, installed or used in the project after generating process won’t be reflected in IDE. To fix it you need to reinitialize project using pio project init . Unlike Visual Studio, you don’t need much space to download VS Code. You might not need more than 200 MB of disk space to download it. But on Mac, as of the time of writing this article, you need around 6.2 GB of disk space.