Special Features

  • Easily operated, practical and reliable.
  • Sheet to reel and reel to attachment.
  • Two unwinding stations with independent control.
  • Film Slitting attachment on main unwind unit.
  • Main unwinding unit with adjustment of film.
  • Dancing roller for tension control.
  • Banana roller for perfect traveling.
  • Wrinkle removal brake fitted on free rollers.
  • Plastic coated adhesive tray adjustable.
  • Copper Coated chrome on all rollers.
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PR1NTEKGRAPH is an improvement on design and technical capabilities over the existing popular domestic model.
This machine brings out the best in “Lamination Technology.”
It is designed & developed on the principal of using
water- based adhesive system. Film of polyester, BOPP,
PVC and Metallised are pasted with an adhesive for
lamination on paper and board.

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