AMD330 Electric Embossing Machine

AMD330 Electric Embossing Machine

Product Details
Model AMD330
Product Name Electric Embossing Machine
Packing / case 1 set
Packing Dimension 56cm*41cm*40.5cm, 0.09m³
G.W. / N.W. 63kg / 55kg
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Usage & Features
“Usage: Embossing pattern for paper, PVC etc.
1. Digital plateless printing
2. Over 40 optional patterns (one embossing machine comes with one embossing pattern)
3. Manually adjustable setting for different paper sizes.
4. Motor drive, strong power, rapid speed.”


Main Technical Specifications
Embossing width :: 330mm
Embossing speed :: 120m/h
Embossing thickness :: 180g-800g
Pressure :: Manually Adjustable
Drive type :: Motor Drive
Feeding size :: 350mm
Power :: 50W
Voltage :: AC 110-240 50 / 60HZ (as needed)
Accessories :: power line, USB cable

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